09 May 2013

Where I bombard you with pictures.

Most of you already know that we went to the zoo for my birthday.  Taylor couldn't find his card reader for the last week so that I could actually start uploading pictures from my new camera so I finally went to Target today and bought one.  Thirteen dollars later and here we are.  I am about to just go picture crazy up in here so just enjoy.  I did zero editing to these because, well let's face it, I am working on photo composition first and I don't want to get ahead of myself.  So editing will come with time.  Just accept it.  I mean, a step up from iPhone pictures all the time, right?  But the iPhone pictures will still come.

Maybe next time I will work on narrowing down the amount of pictures to put up here too.  I couldn't help myself though.  Too many good ones and I didn't want to waste them. I think in photography land they call that culling.  See what I did there?  Sound like I know what I am doing.  But, most assuredly I don't.  And that was our zoo trip, not according to iPhone pictures.

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