10 May 2013

What I Want for Mother's Day.

I recently read an article in Parenting magazine written by a husband and father.  He wrote about what finally clued him in to Mother's Day and what his wife really wanted.  She made the point that it is not about how much a gift costs or really a gift at all.  She just wanted to be celebrated and have the day feel special because "it is the only holiday I had to earn."  Wow.  Just let that sink in.  It summed up so perfectly how I feel about this coming Sunday.  The one celebration day that I had to work for.  And boy did I ever.

I really could care less about a physical gift on that day.  I just want and hope for acknowledgment even though Gideon is too young to express it (But by the way his eyes follow me around the room and his arms grab around my neck, I know he loves me).  So here is my list of what I want for Mother's Day:

-A chance to get ready for church.  I mean really ready.  Time to do my hair and not look like a torrential mess while taking Gideon into his nursery class.
-Sitting with Taylor in service.  The problem with being married to a man who works in youth ministry is that he is usually busy working with the youth on Sundays.
-A picnic lunch with my family.  Blanket, basket, food.  Simple
-A nap. Speaks for itself.
-Words of affirmation.  I really don't mean this as in, "hey, just say really nice things about me."  But as a mother, I second guess myself every minute of every day and I need words of affirmation to calm my spirit and allow me to see that I am doing the best I can.

Well, that is all I have for now.  Happy Mother's Day to all...you earned it!

And a little video of Gideon to make you smile.  Don't ask me why he thinks it's funny when I repeatedly say "hey."  And ignore how awful I sound.  It's amazing how high or low your voice can get to make a baby laugh.

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