14 May 2013

Mother's Day

Tuesday.  It is Tuesday and I am just now getting back here.  We had an eventful weekend and beginning of the week.  And we extended our weekend in order to see both of our moms for Mother's Day. Nothing wrong with a weekend that goes from Saturday to Tuesday, right?  I mean, sounds like a plan to me.

We got to spend Saturday with my family, eating outside in the most amazing weather.  And then we shot up to the mountains to spend a few days with Taylor's family.  The mountains haven't quite gotten the memo yet that Spring is here and it was cool and windy.  Until today, and then it was perfect.  We ate.  A lot.  I mean, that's what you do when you go away for the weekend.  At least that's what I feel like we do every time we go away. Oh, but we did get to go out and see The Great Gatsby which was fun until Taylor started discussing the difference between the book and movie. Smarty pants.

Two words describe most of the trip for me....teething baby.  For sure, teething.  And I don't mean that he was awful.  Just more fussy than normal, because he really isn't a fussy baby.  So any sign of crankiness and I know something is up.  The fact that he is drooling, snotty, pulling his ears, chewing on everything (including my fingers, and hard), and calms down when we rub his gums, kind of clued us in. He really did well and napped quite a bit because I think it is wearing him out.  The only real problem came on the way home.  Doesn't it always?  He cried and screamed for about 45 minutes to an hour and I crawled in that backseat to entertain as best I could.  But, man, that car ride. One in which Taylor and I already had headaches and were exhausted and when we got home, let's just say we looked like we had gone through the ringer.

Oh and somewhere in this long weekend, there was my first Mother's Day.  And Taylor did so good! He took Gideon on Sunday morning so I could get ready and then came and sat with me in church getting someone else to cover his class.  It was awesome.  He also made me a book with all of the weekly pictures from when I was pregnant.  "Your journey to motherhood" is what he called it and wrote a few sweet things throughout.  I love it and will enjoy looking back at it when pregnancy seems like a lifetime ago!

And the weekend, according to my iPhone:

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