16 May 2013

And then it is Thursday...

It's Thursday.  Where did the last week go?  I'll tell you where it went.  To travel and a teething baby.  Sorry it has been so quiet on the blog this week, but yesterday was bad.  I am pretty sure I reached my breaking point.  But in motherhood you don't get a breaking point, so really I just curled up in the bed last night and didn't want to talk.  The last two nights I have been over-exhausted.  I keep telling people how amazing it is that when you become a parent you can last on such little sleep.  Which is true, until a certain point.  I hit that point on Tuesday in the car on the drive home.  I need sleep and the last two nights have been in the bed before nine.  And I am OK with that.

Gideon is teething, and I have never seen him like I did yesterday.  NOTHING, and I mean nothing could or would make him happy.  He napped shortly in the morning and refused the rest of the day.  I was hoping we weren't starting another stretch of nap refusal but he is down for his second nap already today! (And woke up while I was finishing this post...we will see how the rest of today goes).

To make up for the bad day, we went strawberry picking this morning with my parents who are keeping my sisters kiddos this week.  And boy was it hot and fun.  Nothing like fresh-picked strawberries! Finished off with some Happy Meals, because you just have to every once in a while.

And I promise to try and post more, but I am warning you that the next two weeks are crazy up in here so we will see what I can do.  At least I will appease you with tons of posts at the very end of May.

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