17 May 2013

Candy Barrel

While we were in the mountains this week, we couldn't help but go to the general store and visit the candy barrel.  All those old fashion candies that your grandparents still talk about and glass bottle drinks, and let's face it, it doesn't get better than glass bottle drinks.

Taylor and I got a basket to start picking out some candy and we decided to skip over the easy-to-find-in-a-regular-store candy and straight for the chocolate covered peanuts and caramel squares.  And I won't point any fingers at who ate all the chocolate covered peanuts...Oh wait, that was me.

I love old stores and buildings with hardwood floors that creak and wood-paned windows.  Not just for the novelty of it.  It reminds me of my grandpa's farm, which only makes me a million times more excited for next week when we will be there and I get to introduce Gideon to my favorite place. I hope places like Mast General always exist.  If only to preserve that feeling. And for the chocolate covered peanuts.

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