20 May 2013

And They're Married!

We got to celebrate two of our great friends getting married this weekend and it was amazing.  Busy, but amazing.  We knew Carly and Josh were meant to get married as soon as they started dating and we enjoyed getting to watch their journey to marriage.  I was so honored when Carly asked me to be one of her bridesmaids.

I had been pumping for weeks and freezing it to make sure I had enough for Gideon for Saturday.  The longest I had been away from him since he was born.  Well, I guess since I got pregnant since I got to carry that big boy around in utero for quite a while.  Thirteen hours without my neck squeezes, sloppy kisses, "mama" saying, fuzzy-headed boy.  And it was hard.  Granted I was busy all day helping the bride get ready and breathe while it was raining and her ceremony was outdoors.  But, I sure felt empty all day without my G.

He on the other hand did great.  Taylor was super dad and kept him until he came to the wedding, and then he dropped him at my parents.  This weekend wouldn't have been possible without my parents keeping him Friday and Saturday evening.  The rehearsal didn't start til 7 and the wedding til 6 on Saturday.  With a bedtime of 7:30 for Gideon, it would have been crank city if we had tried to take him with.  Luckily, baby boy goes to sleep very well and my parents would put him to bed at their house and we would pick him up on the way home and put him in his crib where he would go back to sleep.  We felt like party animals getting home after 11 each night.

Sunday morning, Taylor of course had to be at work (church) bright and early, and wouldn't you know it, I had nursery duty.  I don't mind at all and it was so fun to play with the babies and stay in Gideon's class with him, but I was exhausted.  Pretty sure I really shouldn't have been driving a car with how heavy my eyes were, not to mention watching other people's kids.  But all was well, and we ALL THREE crashed in the afternoon.  Gideon even crashed double.  And the weather made me feel better about my laziness by storming.  I'll take it.

I promise to post more about the awesome wedding and sweet newlyweds, but I have to go through the hundreds of pictures I took with my camera and then I will photo-dump you. So, here is the weekend according to my iPhone:

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