08 May 2013

Wednesday Favorites.

1. This post on what she learned about motherhood in her baby's first year.
2. My sister and bro-in-law got me this iPhone case for my birthday and I am loving it.
3. Strawberries.  Always so good, but the best this time of year.
4. Taylor has gotten into a very intense workout regimen and it is motivating kicking my butt in gear.
5. My other sister got me this book for my birthday and it is kicking my butt in a different way.  Oh so good.
6. An awesome post about second children.  Are you going to think I am crazy if I say I already have baby fever again?
7. An American Eagle giftcard for my birthday plus a 20% of coupon.  Nothing better.
8. My camera.  No need to elaborate.
9. The smile I get while heating up G's oatmeal cereal.  He knows what's coming.
10. This blog called Target Does it Again. It was made for me, right?
11. A busy, busy, busy schedule for the next several months.  More to snapshot and a chance to enjoy family and friends.
12. Tea.  Taylor got me drinking hot tea now.

What are your Wednesday favorites?

1 comment:

  1. Loved the "What I learned" post! Also, gift cards are the bomb.


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