14 March 2013

A Little Project

I had mentioned that we were doing a little DIY project using a table that we had that was black.  We just wanted to lighten it up a little.  I see now that I went through a phase of wanting all our furniture to be black or dark wood.  And now that I am all grown (ha! Not quite) I see that my tastes have changed and kind of hate all the dark furniture .  It's bringing my mood down.  All I want is some bright whites around me so I thought hey, why not paint some of our furniture!

Off to Lowe's we went to buy some paint.  So many choices, but I knew I wanted something more in the creamy family.  Not white, white, but warm.  I grabbed the first color I saw which was Valspar Churchill Hotel Navajo White.  It turned out a little darker than I thought it would, but that might be because we did a few coats.  I still really like the color and it is definitely brighter than the icky black that it was which showed all sorts of mug rings and kitty furs and dust.  Don't you hate that.  Dark furniture sure lets you know that your house is less than clean.

It turned out nice for our first attempt at painting furniture.  There are a few spots where the paint got a little thick or ran and dried that way.  We like the imperfect look though.  We decided to get started on this on Monday while Taylor was off of work.  It was sunny so I grabbed the table, sandpaper, paint, and some sponge brushes and headed outside.  Gideon was napping so we took the monitor with us and could hear if he woke up.  That's how we roll.  It felt great and the sun made the first coat dry super fast.  Taylor had to go and say it though and mentioned that it would probably start raining with our luck.  And what do you know, the clouds came rolling in.  But we got it done!  A few sprays of sealants and voila!

Now I have the itch to paint tons of stuff like our DVD cabinet, and our ottoman tray that holds our remotes (In fact, G is napping so I might do that right now), and maybe all our bedroom furniture.  What?  You think I am crazy.  Yea, probably.  But Taylor was the one who mentioned our bedroom furniture the other day while we were working on the table.

He has no clue what he got himself into!

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