18 March 2013


We had a great weekend over here.  And not just because it was 80 degrees for most of it.  But of course that had something to do with it.  Taylor's mom and sis came down on Saturday and we met them at the mall to have lunch including a dairy-free brownie from McAlister's Deli.  It was nice to get out of the house and walk around the mall even though it was crazy busy and there were clowns there to entertain kids.  I don't do clowns.

Sunday was a big day around here.  We dedicated Gideon at our church and it was such a special day.  I'm pretty sure Gideon knew it was all for him because at lunch after church he kept giving everyone the biggest smiles even though he missed his nap and was exhausted.

I was so excited to have our pastor dedicate him since he also dedicated me as a baby.  Crazy, right?  25 years later (ok 24 years 10 months and some days) he gets to hold my baby up and pray over him.

My favorite part might have been his outfit.  G sported some khaki pants, a plaid button up with a light gray sweater vest and for the first time some shoes.  Handsome boy he was! We also enjoyed getting to go to lunch after with our families who showered Gideon with love.  His favorite part was the t.v. at the restaurant that looked like an aquarium and had fish on it.  Mesmerized.

We were all just glad he made it through without getting fussy.  It was right at his nap time and he was out of it, but I think being on stage and looking around at everyone made him stay calm.  It continually amazes me how good he is when we go places even when it coincides with nap or meal time for him.  Makes being his mama super easy.

But the afternoon at home and evening were interesting because he was overtired and WOULD. NOT. NAP.  Two hours of screaming and crying no matter where I laid him down, we decided to get in the car and drive somewhere.  Not even out of the neighborhood and he was asleep and he stayed asleep while Taylor and I went to Home Depot, World Market, Old Navy and Target.  He got a two hour nap while we drove around and pushed him in his stroller.  Magic, that car ride! Magic, I say.

And the weekend according to my iphone:

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