19 March 2013

Letter from Mama 2

You change so much each and every day.  Your daddy will get home from work and say that you grew from just that morning when he left.  You are getting so big and learning so many new things.  We love watching you explore everything around you. Your eyes are so focused these days and you follow us around the room with them.  You get the cutest, most determined look on your face when you are reaching for something.  And you end up getting it.

I'm afraid to say you got my stubborn nature.  You are most definitely your own person already.  You like to fight your naps most days as if to say, "no, mom.  I'll miss too much."  Just this week we had to put you in the car and drive to get at least one nap out of you.  But then there are those days where you pass out without a struggle.  Like right now.  Which is why I have time to type this.

You laugh so much these days.  Belly laughs.  It is the BEST. SOUND. EVER.  And it's even better when I'm the one to get you to laugh.  Usually you just laugh at ceiling fans.  Big competition for me, but I'm working on it.  You also have started to put your arms around our necks when we hold you.  Don't even get me started on how much this melts my heart.  Keep this up and you will be able to get anything out of your mama.

This past Sunday was your big day.  We dedicated you.  We gave you back to God, knowing He gave you to us.  Your dad and I both know we can't force this on you.  We can't make you love Jesus.  That has been the scariest thing for us since we found out we were pregnant.   We hope and pray that you fall madly in love with Jesus on your own terms and pursue a life that glorifies Him.  I've said that I hope what you see in us makes you want to love Jesus, but at the same time I hope despite what you see in us makes you want to love Jesus.  We fail everyday.  He doesn't.

So, my wiggly, wiggly worm, thanks for being the sweet to my tart.  I would go dairy-free for a million years for you if I had to.  But, I'm glad I don't have to.  I love you monkey-boy.

Love, Mama...and Nala, because she is sitting here yelling at me for not including her.

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