21 March 2013

Crib Update

I just wanted to quickly update about Gideon sleeping in his room. He has been back in his room now for over a week.  If you don't remember, we moved him to our room when he started rolling over and burying his face in his mattress.  So what changed?

I found the most genius thing ever.  That's what changed.  We googled every possible sleep wedge and they were either way too expensive or seemed like they wouldn't work.  I had also seen many articles online about the dangers of sleep positioners and didn't want to risk it.

One night while googling some more I stumbled across this baby.  It is a sleep sack that velcros to a strip that goes around his crib mattress.  Yes, we velcro our baby to his bed.  But it freaking works.  Just like putting him in a sleep sack and he has the ability to turn on his sides but it keeps him from rolling all the way on his belly.  And it has given us so much peace of mind.  He sleeps great and it is even an added layer of warmth at night.

Eventually we will not use it and he will be able to sleep on his tummy if he wants!  At that point he will have much better control of his neck and head and will turn his head if he needs.  For now, this makes us feel better.

Here is the one in G's room.  You can barely see the part that goes around his crib mattress because I am OCD and of course had to buy the color that matches his sheet.

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