13 March 2013

A Day in the Sun

Gideon and I couldn't resist the gorgeous day yesterday!  I had to get him out in the sun and introduce him to Spring.  So out in the yard we went with a big red blanket, a few toys, and a sun hat.  G likes to stick all his toys in his mouth as you can see.  And if he wasn't busy doing that, he was pulling my hair.  He likes to do that these days and boy does he have a death grip.  He even reached off the blanket and pulled up some grass.  Destruction at its finest.  It was the most perfect day so far.  Looking forward to many days spent like this and picnics, hopefully where Taylor can join us.  I didn't stop to think about how it had rained all night the night before so when I got up my pants were soaked through.  All in the name of sunshine!

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