12 March 2013

Dairy-Free update

Well, I have been dairy-free for almost a week.  What am I eating, you ask?  Lots and lots of peanut butter.  But, seriously, peanut butter.  And it's not bad.  I have actually found tons of stuff that is dairy-free that I can have and that is without substitutions for butter and cream cheese.  I don't think I am a fake butter kind of girl.  I think I can do this without the expensive substitutes.

The first night I made what my family calls "liquor chicken."  Really just white wine chicken, but we always have a good time while eating it!  I served it over angel hair pasta and opted out of the parmesan cheese on top.  I did let Taylor have it on his though.  Ha.  No, he can have whatever he wants and I told him I would keep making him his favorites like chicken casserole.  He did come home from Harris Teeter yesterday and said, "don't get mad at me, but I bought pimento cheese.  It was on sale."

It really hasn't been as bad as I thought.  So far I have had everything from beef tips and rice to salad with honey mustard, chips and salsa, pretzels with peanut butter (oh so good!), and tonight I am making a white chicken chili, sans cheese for me.  I have done a ton of research to find dairy-free things and I have surprisingly found a ton:
-Nature's Own honey wheat bread
-Pillsbury crescent rolls
-McAllister's Deli double fudge brownie and sugar cookies
-Chick-fil-A chargrilled sandwich and fries
-Bojangles supremes
-Skittles, Starburst, Sour Patch Kids

And so much more.  Those are just my favorites that I am excited about.  Most restaurants, especially fast food, have convenient menus online that tell you which items have dairy in them which makes it super easy to find things I can eat.  So if you are interested here are some of our favorite restaurants:

Firehouse Subs // Chick-Fil-A // Bojangles // Jersey Mikes // Qdoba // Chilis // McAlister's Deli

We have seen subtle changes in Gideon.  It does take two weeks for the protein from cow's milk to get out of my system so another week or so and hopefully we will see much improvement.  I did get Cortison cream for his rash and it has cleared up except for a few dry spots that aren't even red.  We are hoping for more improvement with his tummy next week!

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