03 March 2016

One // Nolan Levi

Nolly bear,
How did we get through a whole year already?  At times it felt long.  But, sitting here typing this, I feel as if I was just squeezing the bed rails in the hospital, just holding on and pushing through so that I could hold you.

You showed up with your stoic personality and have been stomping down our expectations of a second baby ever since.  You have not been the easiest of babies, that is for sure.  But, then again, you are a red-head so I should have known we were in for it.  You tricked us with your amazing sleep habits as a tiny one and then at five months you woke up real good and haven't wanted to be accused of sleeping too much since.  You were a champion nurser from the get-go and laughed in the face of every bottle we tried to give you.  You wanted me.  Just me, and you in the glider.  But, you've also adjusted so well since we weaned this week.

You are such a solemn baby, never giving smiles away for free.  You light up around your brother though and all it takes is one goofy thing from him (usually misbehavior) and you are both belly laughing.  Right now, you give me a mischievous, shy smile while sitting in the bath or your high chair and you have just started to squint your eyes at me and show all your teeth at the same time. You melt me in huge ways.

Nolan, you are a thinker.  Always intently watching, taking things in and mulling them over.  I'm so interested to watch your personality unfold.  You have been talking so much lately, but in reality you are much quieter than your brother.  It helps you to be sneaky, which is hard on me and daddy.  We find you everywhere and in everything.  You are a brave and daring one, for sure.

You love music and stop to watch and dance when you hear it.  You love standing up and now walking.  Walking!!!  One of your favorite things to do is throw things under the couch.  Remotes, toys, socks; you find it and go right to the couch to toss it under.  You could sit in a bath for hours if I let you.  You get it from your mama.  And you eat like a grown man (probably also from your mama!).  You have eight teeth, sleep on your belly, and say "bye" every time you hear us say it.  You are obsessed with our cat and love to unroll all the toilet paper while I get ready in the mornings.

I'm so proud to be your mama!  You redeemed my heartache and have brought joy to our lives. Thank you for being the soft-haired, blue-eyed, fiery boy I needed.  I love you to the highest high and lowest low.  Happy birthday to my big one year old!

Love, Mama

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