16 March 2016

Gideon says // 15

+ After being disciplined.
   Gideon: Grabbing his leg. You hurt me!
   Me: I didn't spank that leg.
   Gideon: stops crying and yelling. Did you spank this leg?
   Me: Yea.
   Gideon: AHHHHHHHH!!!! Continues crying while grabbing his leg.

+ While Taylor and I were getting ready to go on a date.
   Gideon: Dad, are you sure you want to wear that to the date?

+ Earlier in the day, I had told Gideon I was making some squash for dinner. 
   Gideon:  Mom, are we having squat for dinner?

+ Yells from the living room while I'm making dinner.
    Gideon:  Mom! Me and Noley are having brother time!

+ Me: Where's my kiss?
   Gideon: In my pocket!
   This is an ongoing thing that we always say, and then he pretends to pull it out of his pocket put it      on his lips and kisses me.

+ Coming out of his room from "nap" one day.  He was completely naked.
   Gideon: Um.  It's possible I peed in my room. And pooped.

+ Gideon: Do you think I'm awesome, dad?

+ While he was using the bathroom.
    Gideon: Noley! Give me some privacy.

+ Me: Gideon Sawyer, I love you!
   Gideon: puts his hands on his hips.  I love myself!!!!

+ Anytime he starts to get in trouble for something.
   Gideon: I was just making a joke!

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  1. Oh my gosh, the date and nap one had me laughing out loud! I love reading these :)


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