03 December 2015

Nolan // nine months

Nolan Levi | December 3, 2015
Three quarters of a year already.  This is straight up junk, you guys.  I swear I just had this baby and here is basically a man-child.

I wish I could say sleep has changed for the better, but it is still holding steady at status awful.  He's had a few good nights here and there, but still waking up every few hours mostly.  I've stopped even going in his room until at least 4 am.  He's been putting himself back to sleep, so here's hoping this month is the magic month with sleep.

Nolan had a rough month health wise.  He ended up with a rash on his face which was an allergic reaction (he somehow got dairy).  He also had a lot of snot and drainage. I was desperate and took him to the chiropractor again.  She said he was completely out all over, especially his ribs which is probably why he has been hesitant to crawl. He was like a brand new baby after his adjustment!

Speaking of crawling, he is on the cusp.  He rocks and maneuvers himself all over.  We will have full mobile-ness soon.  He is very into pulling himself to his knees or standing.  It's crazy to see him doing these things.

Other little things: We are holding strong at six teeth and probably have a few more coming in.  He is still eating food like a champ.  Loves chicken, peas, green beans, spaghetti, bananas, turkey, or pretty much anything.  He weighed 20 pounds at his last doctors appointment.  He is talking so much more these days and getting animated with his sounds.  My favorite is that he says "gi gi" for Gideon.  He's been laughing up a storm lately, too.

Love you, sugar bear!

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