02 February 2015

Things about pregnancy at 35 weeks.

{one}. I get up to pee no less than six times before even falling asleep for the night.  It's one of those, "I'm good, I'm good, I'm good, uh oh baby moved now I have to go" type of things.

{two}. This stage of pregnancy makes you have crazy thoughts that seem totally normal to you at the time.  Laying in bed last week, around midnight, I could not stop thinking about the pile of leaves on the roof by our front door.  I was tempted and seriously considered getting up, getting our rake and getting them down.  It was gnawing my brain for so long because I knew it was going to rain the next day, but I decided Taylor would kill me.

{three}. Emotional and rage-y could easily describe me completely right now.

{four}. Nesting.  It's crazy how innate it is.  Taylor jokes that you can't stand in my nesting way right now and it's true.  If I think of something I want done, I do it right then and there.  Leaves, check. Clean out garage, check. Wash baby clothes, check. Wash everything, check.

{five}. So far being up twenty pounds in this pregnancy is much nicer than the fifty plus I was with Gideon at this point.  Zero swelling, thank the Lord.  In all seriousness, this was my biggest fear and concern throughout this pregnancy because I was so miserable with Gideon in the last ten weeks.

{six}. The belly is officially a shelf.  It mostly holds his older brother who is still clingy and needs "up pease" all the time.  It's hilarious how holding him very visibly pushes Nolan to the other side of my belly.

{seven}.  Thanks to my MIL, I got a prenatal massage a couple weeks ago.  Best decision and gift ever.

{eight}.  This little guy is the most, most active during music in church.  It is insanely distracting while also sweet.  He is a mover to begin with, but I can count on him dancing up a storm at that time.  

{nine}. The idea of non-stretch band pants and ruched side shirts excites me.  I can't stop looking at clothes online and deciding what to buy for post-baby.  Maybe it's the impending spring, but more than likely the impending non-pregnant body.

{ten}. I'm tired.  So, so tired. But, excited.

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