30 January 2015

Gideon says // 07

He's too funny not to share and I like having these documented in one place so I can look back over them years from now when he is sassy... oh wait, he already is.

+ Gideon: Nolan's going to have milk. 
   Me: Yes, he will drink milk.
   Gideon: whispers. And marshmallows.

+ Taylor: Buddy, are you going to start using your potty?
   Gideon: Fifty dollars.
   Me: You will use the potty for fifty dollars?  What happened to marshmallows?  What do you need    fifty dollars for?
   Gideon: Cars.

+ Pulling up to the hospital for our tour.
   Gideon: Hey, hey, where's baby Nolan?

+ Me: Gideon, do you want to eat your breakfast in the living room and watch George?
   Gideon: No, the kitchen.  I want to watch the sunshine come out.

+ Trying to distract him in the car while he was getting fussy.
   Me: Buddy, do you see the sun?  It's so bright today.
   Being completely defiant.
   Gideon: NO.  It's dark right now.

+ On our way to Chick-fil-A for a dessert "adventure."
   Gideon: Hey.  Where'd the deventure go?

+While coloring.
   Gideon: I use the wipe one.
   Me: You mean the white one?
   Gideon: Yea, wipe.

+ Several days in a row we found Gideon crouched in the nursery.
   Taylor: Buddy, are you pooping?
   Gideon: Go away, daddy.
   Taylor: Do you want to sit on your potty?
   Gideon: Go in the iving room. Go away.

+ Looking out the window while I hung a picture in the nursery.
   Gideon: Oh look. There is Nolan driving that truck.

+ Me: Gideon, what's your last name?
   Gideon: Tayor Burgess.

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