20 January 2015

What's up with G?

Gideon.  My first baby has turned into a big boy.  Something I sometimes get emotional about and something I sometimes find myself reminding him of, i.e. when he wants me to carry his thirty pound body around on top of the extra twenty pounds I'm already carrying.  Needless to say, I get a great workout on the regular.

So what's up with this guy?  Pretty much everything.  As evidenced above, he is in love with bath time lately.  He had a tiny streak there where he threw a fit about having his hair rinsed, but now pours the water on himself and demands that he be able to stay in and play for at least thirty minutes.  The difference?  Bubbles.  The kid loves a good "bubbles bath."  Who doesn't?  Except he tries to eat them where as I prefer to shrivel in them.

He is officially sleeping out of the crib.  The crib is no longer gracing his room with it's presence.  He sleeps on the mattress on the floor and has done a phenomenal job.  The first night was rough when he came in our room at 3:30...and 4:30...and 5, but other than that he has learned to stay in his bed.  He even sits there until we come to get him and then will tell us, "I slept good and stayed in my bed."  Can't argue with that.

The kid is in love with breakfast food and breakfast time.  He is into imaginative play now and always wants to pretend he is asleep and then wakes up to make waffles.  He brings us "waffles" all the time and we always tell him how good they are.  I found him in his room "playing" his guitar and writing a love song about waffles, oatmeal and marshmallows, which in his world are the golden trifecta of goodness.  Gosh, I love him.

It is kind of weird when your child becomes a fully functioning and understanding little human.  Gideon understands things I never thought he would at this age and the things he does and says just further show me that.  He's a smart little cookie and will remember and repeat things you didn't even know he heard.  (Yea, we have to watch what we say or what is on tv.)

This age may be super hard and frustrating.  Oh the stubbornness and new found independence.  But, it is also super rewarding.  He initiates hugs and kisses and often just runs up to say "I love you, mommy."  You can't beat that and I often pray and hope that at fifteen, when he is so beyond embarrassed of us, he will still run up with a hug and a kiss and "I love you" for his little mama.

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