05 January 2015

Christmas // New Years


I thought I would sum up these holidays all in one post.  To spare you the drag on and because I was awful at getting my camera out and only have a handful of photos, most of which are grainy iPhone gems.  

We had a great Christmas. The weekend before, we headed to Charlotte to celebrate with my family. Gideon got his basketball goal, a guitar and a doctor kit so he was pretty pumped. We were spoiled too!   Of course we ate too much and I had a sinus infection, but due to being 29 weeks pregnant at the time, my OB called in a prescription for me, no questions. That whole "keep the pregnant woman happy" thing can go a long way!

We then drove back to Beaufort to be here for our church's Christmas Eve services which Taylor was a part of. Christmas Eve morning we had our own little family Christmas.  Gideon woke up at six that morning and yelled for us from his room.  As soon as Taylor opened the door, he asked for his presents. He was beyond excited for his table and chairs and the kids leaf blower we got him.  The first year he understood and had true excitement which made it so much better for us.

That night, we drove late back to Charlotte.  Slept, then woke up and drove to Boone to spend time with Taylor's family.  Gideon was beyond spoiled and even got a Schwinn tricycle.  Nicer than any bike we will ever own!  

New Year's Eve

We had an awesome New Year's Eve spent in Beaufort with friends. We started the night downtown on the waterfront watching fireworks, which Gideon thought were great! He and his buddy, Hudson, entertained the crowd with some dancing beforehand.

There were delicious homemade pizzas at our friends place and I even made a new dessert which I will call a Pinterest win.  Easy to make (no baking!) and loved by all.  We ended the night with some sparklers.  Gideon was more interested in the stray cat outside, but we still had fun.  Our little guy partied past ten and then we took him home and put him to bed just in time to have our neighbors shoot more fireworks.  I watched it change on my phone to the new year, kissed my already sleeping husband on the head and passed out myself.

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