02 December 2014

Thanksgiving twenty-fourteen

We had the best Thanksgiving.  Possibly because we decided to make it last for eight days.  Yes, eight! Taylor had a bunch of time left so we decided it was necessary for us to take an entire week to relax at my parents house.  And it was the best idea we have ever had.  The first time all year we have been there where one of us hasn't been sick.  Nothing but time to do what we wanted and willing grandparents to watch Gideon.

We filled our days with shopping (yay for lots of store options!), eating, naps, movies (Taylor went to three in the theater), visiting friends and family, a pedicure and a Hornets basketball game which was actually the birthday present I gave Taylor this year.  Perfect doesn't even begin to touch this week.  It was much, much needed.

And here is the week in iPhone photos (very few!):

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