26 November 2014


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My favorite holiday is upon us.  I've always adored Thanksgiving.  The time with family, a full tummy, and no pressure tagging along with the day.  I'm excited to spend this year with my family and for Gideon to experience it at an age where he can appreciate and enjoy the day.  

And it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a thankful list.  This year has probably been the hardest of my life, but also the most blessed.  Here is to this year and perpetuating an every day mindset of thankfulness:

1 // Our home.  
2 // A helpful, supportive, and loving husband.
3 // A sweet and sassy (almost) two year old boy.
4 // A healthy pregnancy and the ability to understand how miraculous it truly is.
5 // Our community of friends in Beaufort.
6 // Family, near and far.
7 // Wrap sweaters that fit over a growing bump.
8 // Tums.
9 // Our cuddle kitty, Nala.
10 // Morning kisses and waffles.
11 // Curious George.
12 // Turkey sandwiches with extra mustard.
13 // Growing up with siblings.
14 // A large laundry room (seriously my dream!).
15 // That He is, has been, and always will be the same.

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