03 November 2014

Halloween twenty-fourteen

We had a great Halloween!  We moved into our house on Thursday which was in my grand plan all along.  All month I told Taylor I wanted to be in the house by Halloween so we could go trick or treating in the neighborhood and actually have the chance to hand out candy.  So in we moved, although we still had boxes everywhere, it didn't matter.

Our new neighborhood is packed with friends and people we know, so we headed over to a friend's house after getting Gideon decked out in his football uniform. He didn't fight it AT ALL because he was so excited to go "tic or teat." After sampling some candy we headed out around the neighborhood.  Gideon was in awe of everything and was slow as molasses so he spent part of the night on Taylor's shoulders dripping sucker spit down Taylor's back.

Most people set up in the drive way with tables and chairs, even fire pits, so we didn't even need to go and knock on doors. Gideon was shy when it came time to go up to the people and I only heard him actually say "trick or treat" once, but he was very good about saying thank you.  I'll take it.  He loved the whole experience and has been asking to go every day since.

We also made it home in time to hand out candy. An experience we have never had. I always had candy ready in our other homes, but no one ever came. This year our bowl was empty in about 20 minutes.  I loved it.

Our little friend, Tucker, got to wear Gideon's raccoon costume from last year.  So glad it is getting used more!

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  1. Love this! He looked so cute and I'm sure his Papa was so pleased with that costume :) congratulations on your new home! can't wait to see pictures!


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