05 November 2014

Pregnancy update // Week 23 (almost)

At 20 weeks
I realized I hadn't done any type of pregnancy update post other than sharing that this baby is in fact a boy.  I'm not the weekly update kind of person, but I do want to document every once in a while because before I know it, I will no longer be pregnant.  I'll be in the throws of toddler AND newborn which mildly (Ok, severely) scares me.

This boy is doing great.  Lots of wiggles and his kicks are getting more intense and higher. My blood pressure and weight are great and on track.  I have only gained a tiny fraction of the weight I had with Gideon at this point which I am so relieved about.  I have my glucose test in about a month at my next OB visit which is always a good time.  I honestly didn't think it was all that bad with Gideon and I hope that remains true this time.  The drink, while not great, isn't horrible either.  But, truly, why can't they just let us eat a Snickers bar or cupcake instead?  It would be so much better and we deserve it, right?

Pregnancy insomnia is in full swing and came much earlier than the first time around.  I find myself laying awake at three and four in the morning wishing more than anything to be asleep.  My sickness and nausea have basically subsided.  I am no longer hugging the toilet everyday which has been wonderful, but I still find certain foods make me feel blah.  Also, pregnancy brain has taken over and I find myself struggling to recall things I should know by heart like my address, social security number, appointments and to rinse conditioner out of my hair.  It's real.  It's science. This baby stole my brain.

I can't wait to get working on the nursery this time around.  We have a room for him now, but I think we will wait until the new year and after all the holiday hooplah before jumping in to work on it.  We also need to transition Gideon out of the crib so we can repaint where he used the rail for a teether and get it ready for round two.

The exciting thing about having a second baby is that you have a majority of what you need.  This time, besides a few things like a double stroller, you can register for or pick the fun things you want.  I used BabyList this time as a registry because you can choose things from any store online which is so convenient!

Twenty-three weeks down.  Give or take seventeen more.  (Probably give).

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