31 October 2014

Five on Friday

We are clearly expert carvers

1. Boo!  Happy Halloween.  We are excited about trick or treating tonight and the tad bit cooler weather we are getting for it.  Much better than the ninety degrees last year.  Also, I'm excited that after today, Gideon can no longer watch the Curious George Halloween Boo Fest, as he has watched it a dozen (or much more) times in the past month and promptly asks for it any chance he can get.  I could quote it for you.

2. We are in our house.  As in everything is in the house, nothing left in the apartment and now we work on finding places for everything, but holy space!  It was our smoothest move yet, thanks to our awesome friends and we couldn't be happier with it (especially the his and her closets!).

3. Taylor turned the big 2-7 this week.  Ok, twenty seven is a pretty insignificant birthday especially if you ask him.  He hates making a big deal out of his birthday, but I can't let him have his way so we met up with a bunch of friends for some Mongolian food and finished the night with a giant brownie cupcake with sparkler candles.  Gideon also picked out a Batman balloon for him.  He knows his audience well.

4. I was telling Taylor today, that I think this next baby boy is a patient and gentle one.  Unlike Gideon, who kicked me non-stop while I was pregnant, this one likes to wait until I'm sitting still and relaxing before saying "hi."

5. Is it too early to start talking about Thanksgiving?  Turkey, stuffing, cranberries, potatoes, pumpkin pie....Ok, too early.  I'll wait until tomorrow.

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