28 October 2014

Gideon says // 04

+ After carving our pumpkin and lighting the candle.
   Gideon: Ohhh, a birthday!

+ Talking into my belly after knowing it's a boy:
    Gideon:  Babyyyyy tister.

+ Gideon (singing): Happpyyyy to youuuuu.
    Me:  Gideon, whose birthday is it?  Is it daddy's?
   Gideon: No!! Mines!

+ While looking at the horses on the student fall retreat.  Pointing at the black and white spotted one:
    Gideon: A COOOWWW!

+ Me: Gideon, you need to clean up your toys.
   Gideon: No. Mommy keam up.
   Me: Yea, not a chance.

+ We've been talking about our move to a house with him for a few weeks.  On the way to the park:
    Me: Gideon, do you know where we are going?
    Gideon: Moving to house?

+ Taylor (pointing to Santa statue in Lowe's): Who's that?
    Gideon: NOAH!

+ After stopping very suddenly and pointing at our now empty wall:
   Gideon: Where pictures go?

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