23 October 2014

Surprising our parents. Or basically lying.

It's always said that any subsequent pregnancies to your first get less of the hooplah and often less recognition in general because you are busy keeping up with life and have less time to focus solely on the squirmy baby inside.  For the most part, this is true.

So of course with Gideon, we had a big gender reveal party with family including cupcakes, pink and blue decorations, and a brand new outfit that we pulled out of a box that made it abundantly clear we were having a boy.  I knew we wouldn't really have that option this time since we live four hours from family and I also knew that I wanted to find out in the ultrasound room instead of waiting.  But, I wanted it to be equally exciting so we decided we would surprise our families in a round about way.

It started with a lie.  After scheduling our ultrasound, we told our families that the appointment was four days later than it actually was.  Why? Well, we wanted our parents to get to hold something in their hands that told them the gender and the mail only goes so fast.  After finding out in the room (and getting over some shock), we came home where I had these onesies all set with "it's a" written on it just waiting for the "boy" or "girl." I also had blue and pink confetti.  So we filled two packages with a onesie, ultrasound picture, and BLUE confetti and sent it on its way.  Then we waited two days to hear from our parents which ended up being some pretty hilarious phone calls.

Just trying to make it fun and enjoy being pregnant with this boy.

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