21 October 2014

Scenes from the patch

The end of October is sneaking up on us and I realized last week that we hadn't even been to a pumpkin patch yet.  That was remedied really fast and we managed to hit not one, but two in a matter of days.  More on the first one later.  Today, is all about pumpkin-patching it with friends.

Our little man is quite defensive when it comes to talk about costumes.  We have been trying to talk it up for weeks and tell him about all the candy he will get if he will JUST. PUT. ON. A. COSTUME.  It has had zero impact until last night with a small victory of getting a football jersey with shoulder pads and helmet on and then a little trick-or-treat "practice" that ended with a sucker and him promptly removing said jersey.  So, if we can't count on this small fall tradition, the least we could do is live it up at the pumpkin patch, am I right?  And what kind of mother would I be if I didn't take an unnecessary amount of photos?

1 comment:

  1. I know i'm late to this party, (posting a comment) but these are adorable. are you shooting in manual? Congrats on a baby boy. Man oh man...i have major baby fever.


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