18 September 2014


A couple weeks ago we met up with my parents to visit the zoo.  We were all excited to take Gideon since he's at that age where he really gets into things.  We had talked it up and he had not stopped asking when we were going.  It turned out better than expected.  He loved seeing everything, although he really wanted to keep his distance and not feed the giraffes.  Apprehensive, but thrilled.

My favorite part was in the aquarium area.  Gideon took a liking to a little Dori fish (think Finding Nemo) and it followed him back and forth across the glass.  Gideon thought he was chasing it and kept yelling, "I get it! I get it!"

He has yet to stop talking about the zoo and mentions every animal he saw.  Yions, goilla, giaffe, elphants.  Don't ask the kid about the zoo unless you have fifteen minutes or more to get a play-by-play.

*I promise I was there, too.  There's proof on my phone and in my mom's photos.  My camera was attached to me all day.

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  1. You take really awesome pictures! I'm so jealous!


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