15 September 2014

Life update // Also known as why I'm a slack blogger

15 weeks.  Showing much faster than with Gideon but weighing a lot less than I did with him at this point.  Explain that?
Gideon was less than thrilled that we interrupted the football game to take photos.  

It has been so long since I have sat down with the sole intention of blogging, but here I am.  And I'll probably have to say that the only reason this is happening in this moment is because my husband demanded that I get away by myself this morning.  So, here I sit, in a downtown coffee shop, with a blueberry scone and a foggy waterfront to look at, finally getting back to this space that I love.  

My lack of writing, sharing, and blogging can be attributed to one thing. Pregnancy.  This pregnancy has been eons different from Gideon's.  In fact, I laugh looking back and thinking I was "so sick" while pregnant with him.  I didn't know what sick was at that time.   This one has been all about survival mode.  For over seven weeks straight, my goal had been to 1. find something to eat that actually sounded good and 2.  keep it down afterwards, which proved to be a unicorn at the time. Gideon has seen me vomit so many times, he thinks it is just another thing you do in the bathroom and has mimicked me a couple of times (try explaining that one).  Couple that with lack of sleep and come Gideon's nap time, I'm crashing on the couch instead of blogging.  I love you guys, but nap I must.  

I am starting to feel like I have scaled the mountain and am on the easy downward slope.  It is all worth it, especially as I start to feel those flutters and sweet kicks and know that the best is yet to come.  

Some things I am looking forward to coming up...
1. Shrimp festival.  Hear that fam?  Come on down!
2. State fair.  A friend of mine (due a week after me!) and I have talked about going to the state fair for the sole purpose of eating.  That's acceptable, right?
3. Finding out the gender.  Yep, that's coming up in about a month.  Everyone has their theories for sure.
4. Maternity jeans.  It's happening, sooner than we think.  But, hey, they are comfortable.
5. Fall.  Bring on some cooler weather.  I can't take the 90 degrees anymore.  Plus, sweaters, chili, hot chocolate, pumpkins.  What's not to love?


  1. His little belly button= love.

    And if we weren't now in FLORIDA I would so find a way to make it to the shrimp festival. YUM.

  2. Happy to have found your blot! I am 20 weeks with my second and I am also showing more but weighing less'


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