04 September 2014

Gideon says // 03

Me: Do you want a baby brother or sister?
Gideon: NOOOOO!!!
Me: What do you want then?
Gideon: doggy.

A prayer by Gideon: Dear Jesus, I pray. Amen

Anytime I ask him to come to me:  I comin'

A typical conversation with Gideon:
Gideon asks a question
Mommy/Daddy answer the question
Gideon: Oh.
*This is really cute and I'm actually glad we aren't into the "why" phase yet.

Another prayer by Gideon: Jesus, Tant you for hot dog, toast, gapes, wawa. Amen

Gideon talking to the baby with his face against my belly:
Taylor: Say "I'm your brother."

We brought Gideon into our bed one night when he wasn't feeling well.  After thirty minutes of laying there he sits up and asks for Cheerios and Elmo... at midnight.

Gideon counting: seben, eight, nine, ten, eweven, tlevle, tirteen, nineten, twonty.

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