11 August 2014

Charlotte weekend

We headed to Charlotte this past weekend for a wedding that Taylor was officiating.  We decided to make it an extra long weekend and go on Thursday so we could have free-grandparent babysitting while we went out for our fourth anniversary.  Four years.  I have no clue where the past four years went.  It's one of those anomalies where the years fly by, but when you pause and think about everything you have done and experienced in four years, it is really long.

We dressed up three nights in a row, which is unheard of, and ate more than I thought possible.  Steak and cheesecake for our anniversary and tons of awesome food for the rehearsal dinner and reception for our sweet friends Zach and Jess.  I may or may not have had to unzip my skirt and dress on the ride home both nights because I was just stuffed.

Gideon spent three days/nights with Grammy and Papa and I am pretty sure he had no clue we were gone a majority of the time.  He was spoiled rotten with Build-A-Bear, sweet frog, his own blow-up pool, staying up late to watch football, and driving Uncle James' big truck.  Mom and dad were an afterthought in his mind and when we had to leave on Sunday, he cried.  But, I will say, it was awesome for us to have a few days without cutting up hot dogs, changing diapers, having a food beggar while we ate, or having to do bath and bedtime.  A much needed and appreciated little break!

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