19 August 2014

His favorite thing

This right here is his favorite thing to do.  It's his favorite place.  The bed.  Mom and Dad's bed.  He takes his shoes off because he knows the rules and then pleading asks, "bed?"  But, he doesn't want to hang out there solo.  He wants me and Taylor to be a part of this party.  And when we all take our places, he wraps an arm around Tay's neck and an arm around mine and squeezes with all his strength while screaming, "GROOOUP" because that's what we call it. Group hug indeed and my happy place, as well.  Not sure how he managed to get those BBQ chips past me, but most likely a plot (or puppy eyes) with his daddy.  It's OK with me.  The orange streaks across my pillow just remind me how awesome it is to have him.  

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