25 July 2014

Five on Friday

We drove around looking for these fields we had heard about with tons and tons of sunflowers.  We found them, but sadly the heat had taken the gusto out of the flowers.

1. Surprise! I'm not dead. I blame heat and just another week of solo parenting while Taylor was out of town for my lack of involvement here.  And entertaining a toddler by yourself is the stuff of nightmares.  24/7 is hard.  No more solo traveling or parenting again.

2. My mom and sister drove down Wednesday night and are staying through today and it has helped so much to have extra hands plus we had a ton of fun.  Grammy and Auntie are just way more fun than Mama according to Gideon.  He has been thrilled since they got here.

3. My birthday present from Taylor F I N A L L Y arrived last week.  You know, just two and a half months late, but so worth it.  He got me this camera strap from Bloom Theory.  I love it.  Great quality and so beautiful.  So if you are in the need of some neck gear for your camera, check them out.

4.  Gideon's growth has been amazing me lately.  Maybe I should say his mental growth because he has always been stocky.  He will say or do something and I'm in disbelief that he thought to do or say it on his own.  It is beyond crazy how fast they develop.

5. I think I'll take a nap now.

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