17 July 2014

These two

I've been MIA all week because, well life.  I honestly didn't intend to, but then I woke up and it was Thursday already and I was all, crap.  So a little late to the game this week.  In all aspects because my brain is just not here right now.  

Above is one of my favorite things that happens around here.  Anytime Taylor works out, Gideon has to also.  Honestly, he is in the way more than anything, but Taylor loves that he wants to be right there doing it like daddy so he laughs and helps Gideon out.  And I sit on the couch and watch.  I know, I'm so motivated.  Every once in a while, I will ask Gideon to flex and he gives me the best muscle face of all time and then we have to remind him to breathe while doing it.  It's the best.

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