11 July 2014

Five on Friday

1. I've been solo parenting all week while Taylor was away with his students at camp.  I'm exhausted and have mad kudos for all the single parents out there or those with spouses deployed.  No idea how you do it.  I struggled to get a shower each day and ended up napping during Gideon's nap because I was JUST. SO. TIRED.  I'm beyond glad it is Friday and Taylor is en route home.

2. Today was ChickfilA appreciation day.  So, basically dress like a cow and get free food.  I'm so tired of making every meal so the chance to have it made for me and for free, DONE!  Isn't Gideon the cutest little calf?  He enjoyed it, especially watching the big ChickfilA cow walking around.  But, no mama, don't take him too close to him.

3. This morning, Gideon and I headed over to visit one of our friends and her one month old baby girl, Payton.  While Carrie was burping Payton, Gideon climbed on the couch and started patting her back, too.  Holy melt me to the floor.

4. We have four new teeth trying to come through at the same time.  No need to elaborate.

5. Anyone else love guacamole? Sometimes I lay in bed thinking about how good some guac would be RIGHT THEN.  It's hard to always go find the good stuff, but a fast substitute is the Dean's guacamole dip found at the store by the Dean's french onion dip.  It's an awesome stand in and a little sad how much I think about it.

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