02 June 2014

Things I've learned in the last 18 months...

+ To carry a snack at ALL times.
+ Also, a diaper, but snacks for sure.
+ How to carry all the groceries plus a toddler from the car to our second floor apartment.  Who needs a gym?
+ It's OK if he eats sand. And dirt. And cat food.  But maybe not cat litter.
+ He has bad days, just like me.
+ Hot dogs can be their own food group.
+ He doesn't hide when he does something wrong.  He comes and kisses me instead.
+ Closing the bathroom door is a privilege I lost when I saw those two lines.
+ Sleep is overrated.  Babies are not.
+ I'll miss him as soon as he is asleep for the night.
+ "Elmo" and "oatmeal" sound the exact same.  Look for context clues.
+ It hurts to step on matchbox cars.  Glad we aren't into Legos yet.
+ Letting him "help" will add time to the task, but joy to his face.
+ Crayons do show up on couches.  And pillows.  And purses.
+ If I can't find something, he most likely hid it in my purse.
+ Every ball is a "ba ba baw" (basketball).  Just go with it.
+ Ignorance is bliss.  If I don't see it, it didn't happen.  
+ I'll take the joy of being a parent over material things any day.  They don't bring the satisfaction that he does.

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