04 June 2014


I woke up this morning determined to have a better day than yesterday.  I'll spare you the details, but will say it involved pesky teeth, a toddler who won't listen and a mama at the end of her rope.  Anyone else?  Just me?  OK.

Well, a day can't be bad when you start it with bacon and start with bacon it did.  Gideon and I read, or I read and he continuously hit me with one of those plastic golf clubs.  We organized his shoes and put all the baby ones away.  And then I said, let's go to the pool.  Here's how it went down.

9:21:  Gather Gideon's swimsuit, diaper, and shoes.
9:29: Finally catch Gideon after numerous attempts.  Struggle to change him.
9:34: I change as fast as I can.  Gideon decides he needs to flush the toilet three times while in the bathroom.
9:40:  Try to get him on our deck so I can spray him with sunscreen.  Notice my flowers need water.                         Water my flowers because my kid has disappeared.
9:43: Spray with sunscreen.  He decides he likes it and cries when I am finished.
9:50:  Finally out the door.  Toddler, check.  Towel, check.  Keys, check. Phone, check.
9:52: At the pool.  Set down my things and Gideon.  Attempt to remove my cover-up before he jumps in.  No go.
9:53: One hand on Gideon, one hand pulling cover-up.  Inevitable flashing may occur.  No one else at pool, all is good.
9:54:  In pool with Gideon.  He says, no.
9:55:  Gideon gets out.  Walks along edge.  Jumps to me.
9:57: Back out
10:00: Back in
10:05:  Needs to walk around the pool and talk about how hot the cement is.  It's not.
10:08:  Another round of in and out.
10:15: Back inside our home and putting Gideon in our "indoor pool."

Pools always seemed as if they would be the best activity with children, but they are not.  They can fall in and that idea doesn't sit well with me.  I prefer a beach where he can roam because he is a roamer.  The best part was walking away when he looked back, waved and said, byyye pool. I think we will wait until Taylor can go with us.  Regardless, the determination paid off and we have rocked the first part of today.  Holler.

Also, any suggestions on flotation devices for 18 month olds?  He hates the baby floats and I have heard the water wings that also go around the abdomen aren't small enough.


  1. That belly! I could just kiss it all day! I also have dreams that my 9 month old will splash in the baby pool for 2 hours while momma tans...HA!!! Good one, right?

    1. Ha. Yes. Laying out or getting tan is like a mystical unicorn these days.


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