12 June 2014

Our rad dad

Father's Day is Sunday (a reminder in case you are having an oh crap moment of forgetfulness).  I just need to say that I hit the freaking jackpot of all jackpots in the husband and father department. Taylor is the sanity to my cray and the best dad Gideon could ever have.  So here is an ode to our rad dad and all the things we love about him.

we love...
+ That lumberjack scruff.  OK, I love that scruff.  I'm pretty sure Gideon could care less.
+ The metro-sexual side of him that cares about how he dresses and his hygiene.  Thank the Lord I got one who cares.  Let's be honest, he dresses better than me.
+ His heart.  And cue the awwwww.  But in all honesty, he has the most compassionate heart.  He loves people and his actions stem from his mindset of putting others first, including me and the Gid.
+ Work ethic.  One of my biggest pet peeves is a poor work ethic and he exudes a great one.  I think this stems from a place of integrity.  He not only wants to do what is required in a job, but to exceed that.  
+ He makes the best scrambled eggs and waffles E V E R.  Holy junk, they are good.
+ The flat feet.  I mean, they are the flattest I've ever seen and I love them.
+ The one piece of hair that sticks up in back after laying on it.  Gideon's does the same thing.
+ His love for our kid.  I love seeing his fascination with every thing that Gideon learns and does. 
+ His ability to push me when I lack confidence and how he keeps me grounded and down to earth.
+ He let's me decorate our home.  Bam, no questions asked.
+ His childlike fascination with things like Batman.
+ His love of getting up early.  Hallelujah.  He let's me sleep and gets Gideon when he starts squawking so I can get ready. 

Happy Father's Day to the best guy to have a kid with.  Clearly our genes are compatible. 

1 comment:

  1. Send him over here to dress my spouse. LORDAMERCY. My guy is handsome, but I fear we are one shopping trip away from white socks and sandals.


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