11 June 2014

Nooks and Crannies

With a toddler, it can be difficult to feel totally in control of our space or to find myself in our home.  There are blocks, cars, and balls taking over, but I have found that there is still space in the nooks and crannies of our home to keep just for me or at least in line with my tastes.  And by that I mean the areas that Gideon can't reach quite yet.  But he is testing my theory, trust me.  

1. This is part of our desk space.  We originally bought the desk with Taylor in mind and thought he would use it as a work at home space.  He does not and prefers our kitchen table or deck area, of course.  I actually tend to use it more and would have preferred a white desk, something a little more modern and less manly (i.e. less C.S. Lewis era), but some pretty notecards, a clock, and colorful frame help it out.

2. Taylor helped out with our church yard sale last weekend and came home with this large IKEA candle holder.  He said he thought I could use it for something.  He thought right.  It's perfect to contain some jewelry I keep out and the Eiffel Tower and Empire State building just fancy up that space.  Almost feels like I am there.  Or not really at all.  Just pretty to look at.

3. I still get to dictate Gideon's space.  I will take that and run with it until I'm required to do something endlessly tacky like Cars, Finding Nemo, or *shocker* Taylor's fantasy of an Alabama football room for him.  Yikes.  So for now, I will hang the prints I choose, put his books in a cute basket and take full advantage his lack of care at this point.

4. Maybe I'm crazy to keep breakables out. Totally up for debate.  I did catch Gideon with his little hand pulling that tea cup to the edge of the shelf one day and got there in the nick of time.  The teapot is from Turkey and the teacup and saucer was my grandmother's.  My mom surprised me with it in the Fall.  I love them too much to keep them hidden.  We'll see how it goes as the kid grows and grows and grows.

*Also, is anyone else having to smuggle broken plastic toys out?  I inch towards the trashcan with it and he's on to me, like he subconsciously knew what I was doing.  He could be two rooms away and still sniff that out.  I guess I'll be waiting til nap time.

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