06 June 2014

Five on Friday | Gideon edition

1.  The problem with the 18 month well-check is that they know what is coming.  And then they try to escape.  Gideon pleaded the entire time to go "ousi pease."  He knew.  But, on the high note, done with shots until four years old.  Amen (Additionally, my child will never be four.  He will be two forever, right?)

2. Those thighs up there plus the rest of him weigh in at 26.5 pounds.  And he is finally starting to show his genes and grew to 32.5 inches.  And that noggin'  stayed right at 19 so he is no longer a furby.

3. Language has EX-PLO-DED in the past month.  Repeats everyone's name a million times.  Heck, repeats everything we say.  Some fun new words include tattoo (parenting win), trucks, spaghetti, noodles (this one might be my favorite), pool, waves, Bible (in a very country accent), toes and I could go on and on with this list.

4. Gideon is very interested in the potty.  I feel like I'm five when I say that.  Potty.  He likes to make my bathroom visits a little date and joins me to stare and point at the toilet to remind me that I'm going "pee pee."  Then he flushes. And flushes.  And flushes.  Bonus points for consistency and follow through.  But seriously, anytime he sees a toilet he points it out.  I'm not ready for potty training and I don't think he is ready either, but I will encourage the potty talk to get him me comfortable.

5. He's growing up on us.  Several times a day, Gideon grabs a little plush treasure chest he has, flings it over his arm, comes and gives us kisses and walks to the door saying "byyyyye" like he is headed to work with his briefcase.  It's beyond cute, but at the same time, I know one day he will be packing a bag, kissing us bye and heading out that door.  Holy emotional-mom-moment, guys.  Sorry.  Got carried away there.

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