21 May 2014

Tell me I'm not the only one?

A couple of weeks ago, our apartment complex installed a flood light on the building directly across from our apartment.  More like a football stadium light, because that thing could land planes in our living room.  It doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but when I wake up thinking it's 6 am and discover it's only midnight and the light flowing in is artificial, it can really mess with your head.

You see,  I haven't hung up curtains yet.  Curtains.  They may be the most difficult thing to find, EVER.  Either too flashy or too plain.  Not the right length (good Lord, does anyone make 95 inch curtains?) and you can bet your non-existent retirement fund that I am not paying more than I spend on gas for fabric that just hangs there.

But, we were getting desperate and with the lack of shopping here (i.e. Target.  We don't have one.  Have I mentioned that before?  Once?  Oh, just 15 times), I needed a quick solution before becoming an insomniac.  Enter, crafted curtain from bed sheet and safety pins. We classy like that.  And wouldn't you know Taylor said, Bam.  That's a curtain if I ever saw one.  Good try, Tay.  Just another excuse for me to head on out a-shoppin'. Here's a little gander at the situation.

In other news around here, I attempted to clean our apartment this morning.  While Gideon was awake. And Taylor was at work.  How the heck do you other mamas clean?  I'm scrubbing toilets while my carrier monkey is shoving Cheerios in the couch, taking trash out of the trashcan and hiding it, oh and I found him on our deck cleaning a crack in the cement with his toothbrush.  I just can't bring myself to clean during his nap time though.  Nap time is sacred ground.  That's when I actually sit down.  Or pee, which is equally important.  Advice?  Or do you just not clean?  That has potential, but then my OCD might act up.

Happy hump day!  You're welcome for this random array of words and grainy iPhone photo.


  1. Meh, cleaning is overrated. Now that we have a much bigger house and the kids are a little bigger, I help (force) them to clean their rooms. I let the dog take care of crumbs from the meals and honestly, I just don't care in this season to spend naptime or bedtime cleaning. Maybe if it's really nasty.

  2. Making my own curtains curtain rods were easy and cut them the exact size needed! Will post photo when done made them while victor played on a blanket beside me!


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