27 May 2014

A slew of photos and recent haps

Last Tuesday night, my sister (in law) text me around 10 pm and asked if she could come visit with a friend.  I asked her when and she said tomorrow?  Two extra sets of hands and a chance to have fun. I'll let you guess what my answer was.  All in.  All in.

We spent the week shopping, going to the beach and pool, and eating.  Gideon couldn't have been happier to have people around so of course he ate it up (and nap skipped, naturally).  We were sad when they left on Saturday, but hopefully they will be back soon.

Then Monday, we headed out to Fripp Island to hang out with friends all day.  We are becoming beach experts, or maybe not because my car is filled with sand.  When we can learn to make it home sand-free, then we will be experts.   Anyways, Gideon soaked it up.  Literally, he was drinking the water in the tide pools.  He played hard all day with his friends and passed out on the way home.  Drool and all.

And no, I did not break out my camera all week, so we have these iPhone gems.

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