28 May 2014

Eyes, nose, mouth

We laid on the floor of his room in a sea of books, stuffed animals, play tools, and matchbox cars.  The sun hit our faces as it flowed in the windows.  It was the first time he had been still since waking up that morning.  He never is still unless he is sleeping.

I curled on my side and sniffed the mass of blonde curls sticking to his head with drying sweat.  He plays hard and sweats so much even if we are inside.  But, I could still smell the lavender shampoo.  Gosh, that shampoo smells amazing and I hope he is OK with using it all the way to high school graduation so that it can be reminder of his childhood every time I hug him.

He turned to face me and shoved a tiny finger towards my eye until it made contact.  Iys.  Iys.  He made sure to touch each one several times.  Then slowly moved his finger to graze the tip of my nose.  Nose. And down towards my lips. Mouse. Mouse. He's learning the parts of the face and has to point them out on everyone and everything.  He repeats again and again.  Iys. Nose. Mouse. Eyes. Nose. Mouth.  His fingers follow the words down my face.  Again and again.  The motion begins to feel like a massage and I just lay there, not willing to move.  He's still and this time is ours.

I watch his eyes light up as he touches and connects the word to the feature.  I cheer him on and encourage, yes, those are my eyes.  I see his eyes too.  Baby blues full of life.  I see his nose, so perfect, giving him the cutest profile as my grandmother would say.  I see his mouth.  Broken wide with tiny teeth pressed together in a sweet smile.  I don't want this moment to end.  I'll remember this forever.  Eyes. Nose. Mouth.


  1. That is the sweetest post ever! I remember you the same way. Now you are a mom, but you are still my baby. I love you Em. You are a good mom.

  2. So sweet! Loved this post. <3 Being a momma is THE BEST.


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