07 May 2014

Summer list

I know a majority of the country is living it up in their nice Spring weather, but here at the beach we are in full-swing Summer with our ninety degree days.  I (dumbly) didn't expect this to hit so soon and am starting to get a little concerned about June and July.  And August.  Maybe September.  Oh, and October because Halloween was definitely hot last year.   To all my local friends, you could have warned a lady before she agreed to move here. (But I still would have probably come, if only for the shrimp).

The biggest challenge will be to keep a rowdy toddler occupied and a mama sane throughout the heat.  Our apartment is great, but small-ish and a little too much time spent in there and I might be jumping off the deck.  So I thought I would gather a list of things we should try and accomplish this Summer so that I am not sitting here with the whole must think of activity dead-brain while Gideon eats marshmallows and smears soggy Cheerios in my hair.

+ Strawberry picking (this one scares me.  I just picture my son trampling the plants or gorging on their product)
+ Firefly catching.  (but leaving them outside)
+ Sparklers in the evening
+ Downtown music (our town has an awesome downtown on the waterfront)
+ Minor league baseball game (I totally go for the snacks.  Ice cream, peanuts, hot dogs, nachos. Oh my.)
+ Make our own salsa (Please share your recipes.  Something easy for this non-cook)
+ Water balloons (Stress reliever to throw them at my kid?)
+ Drive-in (So this might be a date, sans kid.  Or most definitely sans kid)
+ Kangaroo cup (one down the street and a slushie a day sounds perfect)
+ Of course a million beach and pool days

Any other thoughts or ideas? And let's be real, if we end up in the blasting AC all day taking naps, that's good too, right?

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