12 May 2014


We got home last night after a long day of graduation observing, driving, and Mother's Day celebrating.    We spent a long weekend up in the mountains of North Carolina celebrating Taylor's brother and sister graduating and in the process Gideon charmed the pants off of everyone and perfected his screeching tantrum.  Productive to say the least.

The weather was the best and I realized how much I missed those mountains.  I also had all sorts of nostalgia walking through campus at Appalachian State and was telling Gideon all about it and showing him which dorms mama lived in.  And then I got all philosophically emotional (or just hormonal) about how when we were there we had no idea about our Gideon and now he was here with us and it felt so strange yada yada yada, and Taylor just nodded and agreed so I didn't feel completely off my rocker.

The weekend couldn't have gone better, the travel was as perfect as it can get with a toddler (even though we made a pit stop at the same exit as the gas station debacle of this post.  We opted for the station across the street), and as I type this, we are getting ready to head to Hilton Head for the week, so of course all the good feelings are happening. Here's to sunshine, saltwater, and a behaving child.  Cheers.

A few iPhone photos from the weekend.

^^ OK, so this is not an iPhone photo, but might be my favorite of all time, so I included it.  So sue me. ^^

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  1. The "philosophically emotional" is soooo me!! I laughed out loud at that part :) I am so with you on missing Boone...it's a magical town.

    ALSO, that picture is awesome. You and Taylor made one cute kid!


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