05 May 2014

Seventeen months. We're coming for you 18 mos.

I have favorite things and not so favorite things about seventeen months.  In an attempt to be uplifting and not squawk about tantrums and the likes, I will only mention the super awesome, great, and fantastic things about my toddler at this stage.

+ He is cute.  This trumps all. And makes discipline so hard.
+ He gets excited when we ask him to put stuff in the trash. (He finds it equally exciting to take things out.  Not sure why he has deemed banana peels as some worthy prize that do not belong in there.)
+ Gideon has taken it upon himself to be our "silverware putter-awayer" when we empty the dishwasher.  On his own, he started taking it out and tossing it in the drawer.  And before you go all, man, she's got her kid trained, know that I have to rearrange it after and what not, but while he is willing, I am willing.
+ Mumford and Sons.  It was playing in the car the other day and I heard Gideon singing along.  I will wait, I will wait.  Over and over again and when the song is done he says, more.
+ He was eager to get going the other day and went in my closet to bring me my shoes.  He brought the ones I would have picked so that's just bonus points.
+ Hugs.  I don't know where this big, ginormous hug phase came from but every time he gives us one, Taylor and I look at each other and say, this will last forever, right?  Oh please, oh please, oh please!
+ He thinks I am great which makes me feel great.  When I pick him up from nursery or come home after being gone he yells, mamaaaaaa.

Oh and if you were looking for things like stats here you go:
Weight:  muscles with a side of gut
Height: long torso, short legs

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