30 April 2014

Taking stock / 3

Making: baby shower decorations
Cooking: not too much lately.
Drinking: water, water, water.
Reading: "Llama llama" over and over
Wanting: a nap
Looking: for comfortable t-shirts
Playing: with lots of cars
Wasting: energy by worrying
Wishing: for answered prayers
Enjoying: a rainy day
Waiting: always waiting these days
Liking: how fun Gideon is lately.  He is so funny
Wondering: where all our bananas go?
Loving: kisses through the crib rail after naps
Hoping: for new perspective
Marveling: that my boy is almost a year and a half old
Needing: a tan (and by that I mean just a touch of color please)
Smelling: spring candles thanks to my mom
Wearing: sweats and Taylor's Braves tee
Following: too many blogs
Noticing: my need to disconnect
Knowing: He is still good
Thinking: nonstop.  I wish I could shut my brain off sometimes
Feeling: out of it
Bookmarking: things for Gideon
Opening: junk mail
Giggling: at a wild boy, always

*Using this outline from Sydney at the daybook blog

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