25 April 2014

Five on Friday

1. I have decided to sign Taylor up to go on the Wheel of Fortune.  Us senior citizens watched it last night and he solved every puzzle before the contestants and then hurled insults at them when they got greedy and spun instead of solving.  I'll pimp him out for a few thousand dollars and maybe a car, wouldn't you?

2. I'm not sure what happened this week, maybe I got sprinkled with pixie dust or something, but the crafty bug hit and I have been DIY-ing up a storm for a friend's baby shower next week.  Hey Martha Stewart, where did you come from? (minus the criminal background, of course). I promise to share photos.

3. My kid put his hand down his diaper the other day and came out with gold, which he then managed to get on Taylor's face.  Mama laughed.  And laughed.

4. We started the Q & A a day journal at the beginning of the year and are still going strong. Sometimes we miss a few days and have to catch up, but we still enjoy doing it and reading each other's responses.  Hopefully we will overcome all laziness and slacking and truly finish for the full three years.

5. It's been four years since I graduated college.  How did that happen?  I felt like high school would never end, didn't want college to, and now we are four years from it all.

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