23 April 2014

iPhone Life

I really love sharing photos over on Instagram, but believe it or not, I don't share all my photos over there. Gasp. Seriously, I understand.  I try not to overgram and only share the really, really, really awesome ones, but I have a ton of other great photos just chilling on my phone so I thought I would dump them here for those who are interested, so there you go mom and dad.
 Use spoon alone. Check. // G and me selfie*.  Hello baby giggles. 
 He requests to get in his crib and then requests for all the balls to be in. // The omelet is a new obsession around here.
 Lacrosse game (excuse my husbands face) // Practicing some driving
 Mad face while lounging // My boys love some bananas
 Mere minutes before busting his eye open // Not sure what these two are up to
 Elmo needed to be in the car seat // Exploring the Nina and Pinta (apparently the Santa Maria was on break or sunk)
 BFF conversation // Beach bumming
 Lunch at the Farmer's Market // Park play
Easter (again, I know) // Eating chalk, because, well no reason.

*Selfie must not be a REAL word because my computer is screaming at me with bright red underlines. Also, I loathe selfies mostly because I feel dumb doing it but having a toddler in there is reason enough to do/post it.

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